Abu Dhabi Plaza

Bathroom pods for Kazakhstan.


Following the successful delivery of design and consultation services on the Adu Dhabi Plaza in Astana, Kazakhstan, SMF Design Engineering have been awarded the contract to produce the manufacturing drawings for the 2nd phase of bathroom pods. The project is already underway with SMF supplying the first set of drawings under a tight time-frame for a sample pod ahead of full production.


This phase will focus on the largest of the towers and will house a total of 594 bathroom pods spread across several types. 


Bathroom pods for India.


SMF Design Engineering have completed the first phase of drawings on a residential development in India. We have been working in conjunction with another offsite specialist to deliver detailed drawings for 8 bathroom pod types to be installed in the southern Karnataka state. This project is for a major property developer in India who have decided to utilise offsite construction and will feature over 2200 bathroom pods when completed.


Abu Dhabi Plaza View

SMF to design the first bathroom pods to be used in Kazakhstan.


We are proud to announce that we at SMF will be carrying out the design & manufacturing drawings for a range of bathroom pods to be built and installed in Astana, Kazakhstan. The pods will be used in the flagship Abu Dhabi Plaza which will play a central figure as the country host Expo 2017.


Abu Dhabi Plaza is a 500,000 m² development featuring a retail centre, offices, apartments & a 300 bedroom hotel. At it's tallest point the building will stand at 382m in height.



SMF forging ongoing relationships with industry leaders in the UK.


After a successful working relationship with one of the leading bathroom pod manufacturers in Europe beginning in July 2014, SMF Design Engineering has secured a 12 month recurring contract with modular building firm Modular Space Ltd. We at SMF will work closely with the team at Modular Space to deliver quality designs to their client base. Steven Fisher, director at SMF stated that "we at SMF are exited to be working in partnership with a company who are producing a vast array of high quality, bespoke modular buildings".


SMF will take on some of the design responsibilities due to the ever increasing client base at MS.